I think anything can trigger off a bulk load of ideas. Sometimes I bottle them up, sometimes I set myself at the table and try to work out an idea I had the month before, or just after I had a vision or a dream.

Sometimes it is the jitterbug in me, the restlessness that makes me want to create. Compulsion, if I do not have canvas, paper or a brush, I’ll take the tablet. I am super productive and I will seek the means to express myself in any which way possible within the capacities I have in new or traditional media. I have traveled thirty years and been to forty-two countries; now this life is paying off in just picking from my baggage that I have carried with me for so long. Some things are created when they need to be created.

Like for installations or objet trouvé,
I am collecting stuff I find here and there on the streets or in the nature and when the time is ripe, every thing fits together like a jigsaw. I have lots of premonitions that make me create works as if I pluck them from the air with my gut antennae. But basically, I just sit, retrieve a few lines or ideas from my head and let it run. I seem to have a natural talent for colours. I tap into previous lives. In my visions with entheogens, I have been confirmed that I had several in Central America.

Once I asked Mother Ayhuasca (the entheogenic vine from the Amazon) why I should continue to paint, while I see the best and finest artwork when I travel on and with her. She answered that it was y duty, my assignment to be a storyteller through my artwork and that I should continue to do so and paint.

 This is much connected to intuition, telepathy, which seems to develop to higher levels as I get older and get more aware about those talents. I have been an atheist for 37 years, and have spent ten years of my life in India as such. Just imagine…an atheist in a country with thousands of gods and demi-gods.

 It was but in 2005 when I took my first San Pedro (a mescaline cactus available in Bolivia, Peru, Chile, and Argentina) potion, alone in a hotel. The first time alone, and eating it instead of drinking, as there was no way of boiling it in my room.

My first visions were impressive and I tried to make drawings, sketches in which I wanted to control the colour choosing (red only) but I failed in controlling that. My latest works have been made this year in Peru. Three months before I was told my mum was diagnosed with an aggressive breast tumour, I had a dream of how my mum stood by (see it at www.saatchiart.com/art/Drawing-WATCH-OUT-MUM-FOR-THE-PAPER-SNAKE/26453/2http://www.saatchiart.com/Alann557675/view) my side, and how a paper snake with jaguar spots moved toward us from a shelf filled with erect phalli. My mum reached out to touch the snake, I screamed “NOOOOO”, but it was too late. The snake bit her in her fingers, and I woke up. As a shaman (some believe I am one) I ought to interpret my own dreams and visions.
I had many more; also after the first time in La Paz, I had several on the Island of the Sun, on the Lake Titicaca. After that I could never return to the atheist belief. I channel different entities and speak in tongues when I am on a high.

Those trances (with San Pedro, huasca, marihuana, chicha de jorra (a fermented maize drink from the Incas), sometimes have been the root and cause to make videos, songs, poetry, sketches, and paintings.