Hello dear readers,

It seems ages ago since I last wrote something down here. To be honest, I lack the time and the animo for it...1,5 half on the road in Peru and Ecuador, organising, coordinating shows (Lima, Moquegua, Cajamarca and 2  in Vilcabamba in Ecuador) in foreign lands and on the continent left me non-plussed, and the mananas without ending frustrated and disappointed. Five months before I left Peru I had been robbed of my bank cards, and I still don´t know how it happened. But fortunately some good things happened to me too: like the purchase of works in Cajamarca/ Peru by a gentleman/art connoisseur who saw my show at the Interbank. The man is also the proprietor of a huge disco/loung/bar/art mezzanine, and wanted to show the remainder of my body of work for as long as I like in there. What a privilege!

The show, of which you can see video footage on my site, was great and it lasted 5 weeks. Then I moved to Nasca, the pampa or desertland where in the past 10.000 years 4 cultures thrived, all pre-Inca. I went there to take a break from my exhaustive agenda (but after 3 weeks of rest I was writing and drawing again) of running around promoting my work (for the pleasure I participated in a competition of Pintura Rapida (speed painting) in Cajamarca (the Cusco of the North, where the last Inca was strangled to death by Pizarro's henchmen and which I painted in that competition), which had a day and night painting moment.

So, I am back in England since March 18 and since i haven´sat still. Last year I exhibited in a groups show called Insiders/ Outsiders organised by de Factorij, and this year the same Artist association did another group show in the same location in Antwerp with the them HERDERS en WORSTEN (shepherds and sausages). Furthermore I was part of a collective show in Fukushima and Tokyo for a project called 101 Works for Fukushima. Which you can still find on Facebook. Another Facebook promoted event in which I participated was Bird Art Project by Ed Hanssens..in Holland...and still available on Facebook.

Now, back in Stafford, I have just been selected with one work (depicting a digital face of the last ruling Inca Atahualpa, from Cajamarca) for the annual Open Art competition of Staffordshire. This is my second time in 3 years that I participate and get selected. 2011 I could not make an entry for I was in Peru. Why competitions? Not because I want to win, but I think they are good opportunities for people to see my work...largely unknown in England.

For the same token I participated in a competition to paint the abdicating queen Beatrix , Monarch of the Netherlands. Please look at my works on my website.

As I was also writing my travellog everyday and writing and illustrating a book called "BEFORE THE WRITING EXISTED" in collaboration with a Dutch colleague, it looked like I was burning the candle at both ends...but I survived. 

PS. Check out my latest art production (made in Peru and Ecuador in the past 2 years, in the rubric Fresh....

Have a nice day,my brothers and sisters!