Hi there,

I have been busy since I left England in October. The deal was to retrieve my works in Ecuador, where I had taught in 2009. Trying to kill 2 birds with one stone, I had also accepted an invitation to exhibit in Lima, Negotiations as to where and when are coming to a close soon. Probably, on the 2nd of Juli until the 20th, this year. In the mean time I am participating in a collecctive exhibition in my fatherland until 18th of March, called Inside/Outside.

Furthermore, I am showing four works of a collection that is in hands of the Condesuyo Museum in Moquegua/Peru.

Next, in September, I will host my work in a brand new gallery in Wolverhampton/UK.

As for the moment, I am showing 9 of my reamaining works in a new gallery/bar called Ginko's in Vilcabamba/Ecuador.

I say, remaining, because of the 19 that I left with the Universidad Tecnica de Loja, for an exhibtion of three months, have gone 'missing', and I have now a battle uphill in recovering them. Knowing the buraucracy in Latin America, and the level of corruption, I have little hope to see them again.

Last, I read on a Thai gay forum  that someone is selling my art in Bangkok. It seems to be 'old art' made in India, the seller claims. That rings a bell, for in 1996, exactly, in Calcutta, a taxi driver drove off with my suitcase in the boot. In that suitcase I had about 30 works, which I didn't want to exhibit in Alliance Francaise hhere. Would they be the ones on sale in BKK?

In the past, other works have been lost in Thailand in 1992, and between Toronto and Brussels on 9/11/ 2001.

The first time I had my works stolen was in Brussels in 1984, in an antiquariat. I never saw them again. 

6  works in a tube got missing between Penang, Singapore, Rome with Alitalia. I had no photos of them.

Fortunately, of most works missing I had pictures of, which you might see here.

thanks for reading