13 January:

Yester afternoon another half hr of impro and today all day for laptop repair again as if have got nothing better to do than to worry about technology...I want my life back. Half is used up by laptop...

17 Januari:

Last night it was rock ' roll mixed with samba and Bossa Nova improvisation when I met wit Carlos who introduced me to young couple from Brazil. She an artist he a musician and music teacher. Well, it did not last too long before I found a groove and an audience. Young and old appreciated my Elvis hp shakes mixed with Afro-Peruvian body shakes, normally reserved for the Afro waitresses who often dance to the cajon played by Afro-Peruvian Chaconga! Improvising in Portuguese or in Portugnol for an impro Bossa Nova or Samba was delirious. Not too bad, but as I already sang last week: I am a Belieber, but I am not Justin Bieber!

19 January:

We keep improvising...but accidentally I deleted all my 4 vids of improvisations with the Brazilian couple!! Does a tablet have a recycle bin? I don´t see one...to retrieve them.

20 January:

In the past week Chaco has been overcrowding on the promenade and beach. Now, we avoid those masses. I hate crowds. It is the season for backpacking Brazilians, Chileans, Argentineans...and not all is rosy. Fights among the dreadlocks ensue...not all love and peace either. This is different brand of hippie here in SA. Just today I caught Carlos in Pisco and he said he avoids being there too...and then he suprised me of how some of those Argentine hippies are gossiping about Valerie and I "They must have a lot of money, if they here stay that long ", "He must be living of her money", (implying I do! They think I am "a gigolo". ·Mesquino son, Carlos said. Yes, they are nasty pieces of work if they think like that. "Fishwives" asking Carlos where the bailarina, is...and talking behind our backs to the waiters and owners of teh restaurants. Envy jealousy comes from narrowminded people...