01 jan 2014

A lazy morrning to you all. We, Valerie and I, had a nice evening last night. Not anything posh or lots of money we wanted to spent. Having shared one dish of tramboyo fish with sauteed veggies with a jug of lemmon juice. After that a Pisco sour and a glass for Valerie, and a red dry wine for me, and salsa in the background in the wine bar, run by an excellent couple in their 60s was ok...Still not sure about whether we wanted to 'camp ot' until midnight. The entire bay by the jetty was packed wit tents with visitors from Lima and other smaller towns possibly from the sierra as well. Then some restaurants had the ambience lights switched on an children and youths set off the occasional crackers and fireworks. 

There was a boat booked by tourists which would take them ou tobthe sea to celebrate. As we walked home to lit up a pipe we stopped by a small eatery for the locals and where in the beginning we had meals too. There were children preparing dolls which the would be set alight. Something of a tradition I saw in Baños, in Ecuador in 2009. Then, more crackers and fire and lights soared through the dark sky, and around 5 to midnight the dolls who represented the old year started burning. Some deafening noise kept errupting...too loud for my ears and for two Viringo puppies (Meso-American dogs, a pre-Columbian breed) who yelped and barked for as long as the crackers went off. 

Then the locals threw lentil seeds over me and in my hand. They also shared grapes..."tradition", the folks said. I felt honoured. We had a glass of papaya and pineaple juice while they sat the life size dolls down. They were six replicas of construction workers. The young boys examined them thoroughly. One even grabbed one doll in the crotch and giggled. A little girl confessed they looked scary. Dark blue overalls on them. A head like a football on which a face was scribbled most wearing a construction helmet and dito shoes. They all smiled an emoticon expression. While the tellies in the background spawned loud salsa and merengue, we just relaxed and sat back enjoyuing what was unfolding in front and above us. Of course I filmed quite a bit by 1.30 am we lit a nice pipe and eased into bed when the mozzies, gnats, and other nasty bugs became too much of a nuissance for us.

Today another antibiotic jab for my bronchial problems. But I am alive!